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Finding an affordable engagement ring that sparkles

February 25th, 2016 [updated 10/25/16]

An engagement ring is one of the most significant and meaningful purchases a person will make.  Finding an affordable diamond engagement ring is the ultimate goal, but it may seem like an overwhelming process.  Thanks to our various hand-selected certified diamonds, finding the perfect ring at Gage Diamonds is easy…and fun!

Our selection of rings are designed to fit any style preference and budget.  Here are some tips on how to buy on a budget while still getting the unique engagement ring your partner desires.

Choose 14 Karat gold over platinum: Platinum has some benefits, but a platinum ring will cost substantially more than a 14 Karat yellow or white gold. 14 Karat white gold is a great choice: it’s resistance to rust, tarnish and corrosion- and the best part- you will get the same fashionable look at a great value.

Gabriel & Co NY Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Style #ER7479PT4JJ (prices do not include center stone)


Price from $2,740

14k White Gold

Price from $1,900

14k Yellow Gold

Price from $1,900

14k Rose Gold

Price from $1,900


Choose a Diamond Alternative: top trends in affordable engagement rings are being directed to diamond alternatives. Consider using a gemstone option as your center stone rather than a diamond, these not only pass along significant savings to the buyer, many brides-to-be are requesting them! Moissanite is taking the cake in this category with its diamond like appearance and properties; it is eco-friendly as it is created in a lab, less expensive per carat than many gemstones, and durable enough for everyday wear.


Incorporate Gemstones: just as moissanite is becoming ever so popular, incorporating other gemstones into your engagement ring is as well. Designers and retailers are featuring many engagement rings with gemstone accents, from blue sapphires to emeralds, adding a gemstone offers a unique look and passes along savings to the buyer.


Buy a GIA or EGL diamond: When looking for an affordable engagement ring, a large part of the savings will come when choosing the center stone. Any GIA or EGL diamond with a cut that is graded “good” or better is a great investment. Only a trained gemologist can differentiate between a good and excellent cut.

- A diamond’s cut is what gives a diamond its brilliance- or sparkle.  Most people consider the sparkle to be the most important element when selecting a diamond.  When buying on a budget, it is usually worth sacrificing the color or clarity if it gets you a better cut.

- In terms of color, by the GIA grading standards, a buyer gets a great value if they pick a stone that is deemed “near colorless”.  Those stones encompass G-J on the GIA color scale and can offer you a substantial amount of savings.

-Clarity refers to how many imperfections a diamond has. If you’re looking for savings it is recommended to purchase a diamond starting in the SI1 or SI2 range.  SI rated diamonds’ imperfections usually can't be seen by the naked eye. Hand-selected I1 diamonds with the right characteristics are an excellent value too.


Design your own engagement ring: This allows the buyer to be more selective when it comes to cut, clarity and color.  By designing your own ring with Gage Diamonds, you can choose from various designer settings and certified diamonds that will fit within your budget and style preference.  Take a look at our ring builder to start designing the ring of her dreams!

Buy a vintage or restored engagement ring: Vintage is always in style. It also ensures your bride will wear a one-of-a-kind unique style engagement ring. These generally can save you anywhere from 25-30%. The stones on these rings have been restored, polished and are eco-friendly.



2 Carat Classic Harry Winston Style Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring



4 Carat Double Sapphire Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring 18K White Gold



1 Carat European-Cut Vintage Engagement Ring In Platinum



Finance your ring: You can get more for your money and avoid depleting your savings account by spreading financing over 12 months. Gage Diamonds offers zero percent, no credit-check financing. If you are employed and have a checking account, you can finance with Gage. Furthermore, Gage Diamonds offers a 60-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee and a complimentary appraisal of your ring with documentation to insure your investment.