Gage Diamonds: Unique Valentine's Day Gifts Under $200

February 3rd, 2016

We all love beautiful jewelry at an affordable price and just in time for Valentine’s Day, Gage Diamonds introduces a new fine jewelry line from Luxeout with items priced under $200!

These luxury pieces are cast in sterling silver with a Gold Electro Plating and hand-set CZ stones, and are comparable in style and quality to many designer pieces costing thousands of dollars more!

As always, Gage Diamonds also carries Gabriel & Co jewelry including the popular initial bracelets and a full line of sterling silver jewelry.

If classic jewelry is what you’re looking for, cultured pearl earrings are one of this season’s best values and come in a variety of colors such as black, pink, white and grey pearl. And don’t forget that Gage Diamonds offers 0% no credit check financing on Gabriel & Co engagement rings.

1.LUXEOUT Simple V Ring $70 2.LUXEOUT Baby Bezel Cuff $80 3.LUXEOUT Mingle Ring $70
4.LUXEOUT Eyespy Necklace $75 5.LUXEOUT POLKA Circle Studs $70 6.LUXEOUT Free Form Fashion Ring $85


1. LUXEOUT Simple V Ring $70

2. LUXEOUT Baby Bezel Cuff. Available in Yellow and White. $80

3. LUXEOUT Mingle Ring. Available in Yellow and Rose. $70

4. LUXEOUT Eyespy Necklace $75

5. LUXEOUT POLKA Circle Studs $70

6. LUXEOUT Free Form Fashion Ring. Available in White and Yellow. $85















7. Gabriel & Co. Sterling Silver & Ruby Love Pendant Necklace $125

8. Gabriel & Co. Sterling Silver White Sapphire Heart Necklace $175

9. Gabriel & Co. Sterling Silver White Sapphire Heart Ring $150

Forget the budget!

10. Gabriel & Co. Sterling Silver Diamond Fashion Ladies' Ring $265 (plus free shipping)