Introducing Laurence Bruyninckx to Gage Diamonds:

A new approach to wearing jewelry

May 18, 2016


A jewelry line designed and inspired by the many facets of love…to evolve with you through life’s journey. Laurence Bruyninckx (pronounced Broo-nicks) has created a line that does just that, whether you are embarking on the beginning of a new life together or sharing in the joy of welcoming your first child…each handcrafted set is designed to tell your story.


The LX Collection allows every woman to share their one-of-a-kind love story. The collection gives the wearer the ability to showcase their life’s story and create a unique, interchangeable stack that grows and changes with you. The stacking, interlocking and embracing ring collection is designed with the busy lifestyle of the modern woman in mind. The various designs are meant to embody your personalized style and creative expression while representing the various loves of your life.


Bruyninckx also wants to remind women of their inner goddess and she has named every style after a mythical goddess. All materials are ethically sourced and are of the highest quality 18k yellow, white or rose gold, or platinum.



“I view the LX Collection as individual custom works of art that have special significance for all aspects of a woman’s life,” says Bruyninckx. “Each piece can evolve to reflect these changes."


Some of our favorites...

From top left:

1.Venus $11,050 and Nyx $350

2.Venus $6,630 and Cura $1,870

3.Venus and Cura - prices available upon request

4.Tera, Nyx and Feronia - prices available upon request

5. Juturna, Feronia, Nyx and Salacia - prices available upon request

6. Juturna $7,300 and Chloris $2,930

7. Salus $6,090 and Feronia $3,205

8. Rhea $7,160 and Aura $830



For more information on the LX Collection by Laurence Bruyninckx visit or call and speak with one of our design specialists.

The Laurence Bruyninckx collection can be customized for personalized luxury. Email  our jewelry specialists about your custom needs at