Millennials and Moissanite


The popularity of the ethically sourced gemstone, moissanite is the talk of jewelry retailers across the industry.  Moissanite, the world’s highest quality diamond alternative comes with the beauty, allure and brilliance of diamonds without the hefty cost… which is why it is appearing more and more on the millennial scene.


The leading provider in moissanite, Charles & Colvard are meeting millennials terms.  Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone that doesn’t impact natural resources and it is created using environmentally friendly practices. Moissanite was orginally discovered in 1893 in a meteor crater by French scientist, Henri Moissan and naturally is a very scarce mineral. Today, almost all moissanite is exclusively lab grown. Due to the nature in which moissanite is created, consumers are getting a great value for a fraction of the cost of traditional diamonds.




In 2015, Charles & Colvard launched their newest generation of moissanite- Forever One, which is colorless on the D-E-F color range. In addition, moissanite is guaranteed to last forever and will never lose its brilliance. They also offer the Forever Brilliant, which is near-colorless on the G-H-I color range and the Forever Classic which is faint on the J-K color range. As with diamonds, the smaller the moissanite, the more colorless the gemstone will appear. In certain lighting, moissanite may project a green or yellow hue which is why there are several color grades to choose from. Each grade comes with its own brilliance and affordability without any aftermarket treatments or enhancements.



Millennials are the largest growing segment of the population that are looking for alternative buying solutions and they have yet to reach their full potential.  In addition, they are looking for alternative diamond options due to the environmental impacts of the diamond industry.  President and CEO of Charles & Colvard, Suzanne Milgucci, says “We’re bringing forward a colorless, more brilliant gemstone at a fraction of the cost. We’re perfectly aligned for this value-conscious consumer at the right time.”