Vintage Engagement Rings

March 30th, 2016

A restored vintage engagement ring -- one with its own unique history and vintage look -- can become the centerpiece of your love and an eventual family heirloom. Engagement rings have morphed shapes and styles over the years. Here’s a brief overview of what to look for when purchasing an estate engagement ring.


Vintage diamond cuts


Mine-cut diamonds are the definition of unique. Iterations of this type of stone were hand-shaped, meaning that each diamond is one of a kind. Mine-cut diamonds typically have a squarish griddle with rounded corners. Gage’s collection of mine-cut diamonds includes …


European-cut diamonds have a high carat weight featuring 58 facets as well as steep proportions. This rounded cut was prevalent in the early 1900s and is somewhat rare in today’s diamond market. Gage’s Old European cut diamond engagement rings include this adorable vintage diamond solitaire in 18 karat white gold. Gage Diamonds also features a large inventory of loose European cut diamonds- great for a custom ring!



Transitional-cut diamonds are more symmetrical and shapely than European and mine cuts. These cuts are more precise and they were first diamonds that focused on the beauty of the stone rather than placing the entire emphasis on size. Gage’s collection of transitional cut diamond engagement rings includes this glittering double halo and three rows of diamonds with a transitional cut diamond in the center.



Modern-cut diamonds were born as technology evolved. The process of diamond cutting changed in the 1960s with the advent of Pieromatic diamond-cutting machines. Modern stones are brilliant with cuts such as modern cushion, princess and round diamond. These stones are crafted to maximize light return. Gage’s modern-cut diamond engagement rings include this ¾ carat princess cut solitaire in white gold.


Vintage engagement ring styles


Victorian-style engagement rings feature hand-crafted, ornate designs with romantic symbols. In the later stages of the Victorian era, diamonds and platinum rings became more common place. Gage’s collection includes this Victorian-inspired ring with a graduated diamond design and milgrain details.



Art Deco-style engagement rings are, like art deco architecture, geometric and bold. These rings are typically made of platinum or white gold. Diamonds in art deco rings are typically surrounded by hand-crafted metal. Gage’s collection of Art Deco-style rings includes this two-stone setting with filigree details on a white gold band.