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Should You Buy an Engagement Ring Online?

Stressed Buyer Jeweler convinced your partner that she needs a 3 carat diamond? Just go outside and cry it out. You (and your bank account) deserve to let it out.

If you’ve ever visited an extremely high-end diamond shop, there’s a good chance you didn’t actually purchase anything. In fact, we’re 1,000% sure that you just walked into the store, took a long look at an engagement ring’s price tag, and immediately filed that one under:

Things Rings I can’t afford.”

Though we’ve made light of this situation, it’s no laughing matter. As of 2016, the average cost of an engagement ring was “at an all-time high.”

And by “all-time high” we mean “a whopping $6,163.”

The good news here is that this number is only an average, which means there are actually rings out there that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In order to find them, though, you’re going to have to consider buying an engagement ring online.

So what are some of the perks of going the way of e-commerce? Here are just 4 of the benefits you can expect to reap:


As we suggested above, purchasing an engagement ring online can be less pricey than doing so in-store. Whereas walking into a Tiffany’s might require that you sacrifice your firstborn child, buying an engagement ring on the web will almost certainly spare you the grief.

In fact, The New York Times reported that a diamond engagement ring could cost you “20 to 25 percent more at an average brick and mortar retailer” than it could cost you online.

The scariest thing about this significant difference in cost? The estimate assumes that both rings are of the same size and quality, which means that there is no logical reason to pay more in-store.

P.S. You won’t actually have to sacrifice your firstborn child at Tiffany’s, just in case you were wondering.


Cost aside, shopping for an engagement ring online is convenient. You and your partner can shop for a ring that fits your budget from the comfort of your own home.

This may sound like a small victory, but marathoning "Stranger Things" or "Orange Is the New Black" while picking out your ring makes for an awesome engagement ring shopping experience.

Netflix and chill vs online Engagement RIng Shoping Why Netflix & Chill when you can Netflix & Engagement Ring Shop?

Greater Selection

Anyone who has ever visited a brick-and-mortar retailer knows that in-store selections can pale in comparison with online selections. Shelf space is unlimited in an online catalog, so online retailers often provide you with options galore.

And when you’re about to drop a considerable amount of money on a product, you deserve options.

These options extend beyond a wide array of preset engagement rings set with diamonds. You can choose from all manner of stones and settings, and many of today’s online jewelers even allow you to custom-make engagement rings.

Less Pressure

The process of purchasing an engagement ring is stressful for many buyers, and for good reason. Several consumers walk into jewelry stores with their partners in tow and walk out with a ring that costs way more than they initially intended to spend.

Because, you know, salesmen haggle and maybe someone’s future spouse took the jeweler’s words to heart when he or she said that they should “go with a bigger center stone.”

The absence of this haggling is the beauty of buying online. When you shop for your engagement ring online, you don’t have to deal with shoddy salesmen pressuring you into buying bigger diamonds or financing an engagement ring you can’t afford.

And, honestly, that’s the way engagement ring shopping should always be.

Carefully Select Your Vendor Before Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Though we’re crazy about online engagement ring shopping, we’ll be the first to admit that it can prove perilous if you don’t do your homework. Cyber scams have become more common than ever, so you should protect yourself by looking at online reviews and verifying that the jeweler you’re considering is legitimate.

If you have even the slightest doubt about a jeweler’s legitimacy, don’t give the business your money. You’d always rather be safe than sorry.

In any case, some 700 odd words later, we think you know where we stand on the question of whether or not you should buy an engagement ring online. Our answer is a definite “yes” on this one, and we can only hope we’ve made believers out of you.