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Why You Should Finance Your Jewelry

By financing fine jewelry at 0% interest, you can spread out your payments over time, which makes purchasing fine jewelry much more affordable. By financing fine jewelry at 0% interest, you can spread out your payments over time, which makes purchasing fine jewelry much more affordable.

Fine jewelry lasts longer, looks better and feels more special. But the high price tag on most fine jewelry keeps many shoppers stuck in a cycle of low-cost, low-quality fashion jewelry.

A good financing plan opens the world of fine jewelry to people on a budget. But not all financing plans are created equal. Read on to learn the benefits of fine jewelry, the reasons to finance and what sets Gage Diamonds apart.

Why Invest in Fine Jewelry?

Why finance fine jewelry instead of buying fashion jewelry from the stores you normally visit? There are multiple reasons:

  • Fine jewelry lasts longer: A real gold bracelet or diamond earrings will last you a lifetime. Unlike fashion or costume jewelry, fine jewelry is easily repairable, so you can even pass it down to your loved ones for generations to come.
  • Fine jewelry looks better: Fine jewelry is made from high-quality precious metals and gemstones, so it doesn’t break or tarnish. You can wear it while you shower, work out or clean.
  • Fine jewelry is meaningful: Whether you buy it for your partner on an important anniversary or buy it for yourself to celebrate that big promotion, a piece of fine jewelry is a timeless reminder of a special moment.
  • Fine jewelry is better for the environment: Fast fashion, including fashion jewelry, takes lots of water and energy to manufacture and transport. By buying fine jewelry that you’ll wear for years, you reduce your environmental impact and the demand for wasteful fashion.

Why Should You Finance Your Jewelry?

You start shopping and realize that the piece you wanted may cost more than you saved. Or maybe you want to ensure you have a cushion for other expenses that pop up. Regardless, you now have an option that offers you the best of both worlds: Fine jewelry financing.

You have heard about jewelry credit cards, but are worried about the high interest rates if you don’t pay off your balance in time. Other jewelers offer financing, but at what cost?

At Gage Diamonds, we offer financing for designer fine jewelry without charging any interest. That’s right, 0% APR guaranteed for all customers for up to 24 months. The only thing you pay for is the jewelry – no extra costs. What you see at checkout is always what you’ll pay.

Financing fine jewelry makes it more affordable Instead of shelling out $600 for the fine necklace you’ve always wanted, you can finance at 0% interest and pay for the necklace in equal installments over 12 months – which comes out to only $50 a month.

Now, we are in no way advocating that you spend beyond your means. At Gage Diamonds, we believe in responsible lending. While we want you to get the beautiful jewelry you’ve chosen, we also support responsible borrowing. Since we are charging 0% interest, we want to give you a plan you can afford.

Too Good to Be True? How Can You Offer 0%?

At Gage Diamonds, we saw an opportunity to offer better financing options for people buying fine jewelry. Unlike other financing providers, we are sister companies with our financing partner. We make our “interest” by sourcing our products at wholesale prices and offering them at competitive retail prices, which allows us to offer 0% APR financing to our customers. At Gage, we want to create a payment plan that you can pay back without burdening your finances.

How Easy Is It to Get Financing?

At Gage Diamonds, we don’t turn away customers simply because they have less-than-stellar credit. All we ask is that you have these three things:

  • A valid driver’s license or State ID
  • Direct deposit from your primary employer or benefit provider into a checking account with at least 3 months of history
  • Checking account in good standing (no excessive NSFs, overdrafts and negative balances)

It’s that simple. As long as we can verify your information, you’ll have a good chance of getting approved – regardless of your credit history. The best part is you can get approved in one business day and start shopping at Gage Diamonds for that special piece of jewelry.

Why Do You Need My Bank Account Information?

We link directly to your checking account and automatically debit payments on the same day you get paid, so you’ll never have to worry about making payments.

Plus, it reassures us you’ll have the funds to make your payments (we like to get paid too!). By automatically syncing the payments to your pay dates, we are able to offer feeless, 0% interest financing for up to 24 months.

Gage Diamonds is Chicago’s choice for fine jewelry, designer engagement rings, certified diamonds and wedding rings. Our jewelry payment plans give you the flexibility to find that special something for yourself or someone special.

If you are interested in financing your fine jewelry, engagement ring or wedding band, please visit our financing page to learn more and apply.