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Why You Should Invest In Timeless Fine Jewelry Instead of Fast Fashion

For many women, the biggest obstacle to fine jewelry is the price. That’s why at Gage Diamonds, we offer 0% interest financing for up to 24 months so you can get that timeless fine jewelry on affordable monthly payments. Fashion jewelry, like the bracelet on top, will tarnish quickly and end up discarded like the rest of your fashion jewelry. Fine jewelry, like the diamond bracelet on the bottom, will last a lifetime, it can even last generations.

A real silver bangle, diamond stud or emerald ring can take any outfit to the next level. So why have women traditionally shied away from buying fine jewelry?

While fine jewelry is more expensive than costume or fashion jewelry, cost is not the main factor at play. Historically, fine jewelry has been viewed as something women receive as gifts, instead of something they purchase for themselves.

Lucky for us (and our wardrobes), old habits surrounding fine jewelry are fading away, and more women are investing in beautiful, wear-everyday pieces that last a lifetime.

So don’t wait until that next birthday, graduation or anniversary to get a piece of jewelry you’ll value for years to come. Here’s a quick guide to fine jewelry for ladies looking to take charge of their jewelry collections:

What’s the Difference between Fine, Semi-Fine and Fashion Jewelry?

Fashion jewelry: You know it, you love it, you have way too much of it.

Fashion jewelry, or costume jewelry, has a much lower price point than fine jewelry. That’s because it’s made out of less expensive materials. The bands and chains are base metals like copper, bronze or aluminum, while the jewels are made from synthetic materials like plastic, cubic zirconium or Swarovski crystals. Depending on current trends, fashion jewelry may also be made from leather, rubber, feathers, beads or tassels.

There are many benefits to fashion jewelry: more money in your wallet and more options in your closet, for starters. The low price lets you have fun with jewelry trends without overspending, and the endless variety lets you express your unique style.

The drawback to fashion jewelry is its short lifespan. Whether it falls apart or falls out of style, most costume jewelry only lasts a few seasons. The cheap base metals tarnish quickly, and the synthetic gems scratch, chip or come loose. (A moment of silence for the dozens of cheap earrings that have fallen behind your bed.)

Unfortunately, once fashion jewelry breaks or tarnishes, it’s difficult or impossible to repair. Due to the cheap base material, the metal will likely melt or discolor when exposed to the high temperature of a soldering tool. Furthermore, the cost of re-plating, resizing or replacing loose stones in fashion jewelry is likely more than the original cost of the piece.

Some jewelry-makers use the term “semi-fine” to categorize pieces that feature gold plating over a less expensive metal. Semi-fine jewelry is usually made with genuine, albeit less pricey, gemstones like aquamarine, opals or lab-grown diamonds. These pieces last longer than costume jewelry, but they are still at risk of tarnishing and shouldn’t be exposed to water, sweat or lotion.

Fine jewelry, on the other hand, is made of real gold, platainum and/or other precious metals. The stones are usually precious gems like diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Unlike fashion and semi-fine jewelry, fine jewelry does not tarnish, so you can wear it while showering, working out or washing dishes. Fine jewelry is also easily reparable, so it can be fixed or resized to prolong its wear.

Due to its longer lifespan and higher price point, fine jewelry often draws on timeless designs rather than current trends. This makes it excellent for daily wear, as fine jewelry pieces add a classy vibe to casual looks.

Why Invest in Fine Jewelry?

Curious about the benefits of investing in fine jewelry? Here are a few reasons to focus on quality over quantity:

1. You’ll wear it again and again

Fashion jewelry goes in and out of style, but a pair of real diamond studs or gold hoops can be a staple of your wardrobe for decades. Furthermore, you don’t have to take them out to shower or sleep – one less thing to worry about.

2. You’ll pass it down

Not only does fine jewelry last a lifetime, it can last generations. Your favorite necklace may become your daughter’s and granddaughter’s, providing a tangible reminder of the relationships you cherish.

3. You’ll spend smarter

Although fine jewelry pieces are pricier than their costume jewelry counterparts, they’re a smarter purchase. Consider this: the average woman likely spends just as much on the many cheap bracelets she buys and then retires as she would on a real gold bracelet she’d wear for a lifetime.

4. You’ll celebrate yourself

Often, the jewelry we value most was a gift from a loved one on a memorable occasion. Saving up and gifting yourself with a special piece of jewelry after a big life accomplishment can be just as gratifying. There’s no reason your jewelry box can’t be a place for both the necklace your partner gave you on your first anniversary and the ring you bought yourself after your first big promotion.

Regardless of who buys it, fine jewelry also provides a confidence boost. Well-made jewelry at a higher price point communicates good taste, glamour and sophistication.

5. You’ll make sustainable purchases

Fast fashion – or the cheap clothes and jewelry churned out each year to match current trends – is one of the leading contributors to climate change, generating 10 percent of global carbon emission and coming in just behind the oil industry on the list of largest industrial polluters. By choosing jewelry pieces that last a lifetime, you shrink your carbon footprint and help lessen the environmental impact of fast fashion.

How to Budget for Fine Jewelry

For many women, the biggest obstacle to fine jewelry is the price. Luckily, if you’ve got your heart set on a particular piece, there are financing options that let you take your jewelry home and pay for it over time in small, affordable installments.

Before you sign up for a risky financing plan like rent-to-own, a personal loan or a credit card, check out a zero-interest option like the one at Gage Diamonds.

Gage makes a profit by buying fine jewelry wholesale and selling it at retail prices, so it doesn’t need to charge interest on its financing. It’s tough to find true zero-interest financing for jewelry, but with Gage, what you see at checkout is what you pay.

Additionally, Gage won’t deny financing to buyers with less-than-stellar credit scores. The company offers interest-free financing to anyone with steady income and a checking account in good standing.

For more information on Gage Diamonds financing, check out our financing page.