Are Diamonds Actually Indestructible?

Dec 22nd 2023

Are Diamonds Actually Indestructible?

Renowned for their remarkable hardness, diamonds have been celebrated as virtually indestructible. Yet, behind their gleaming façade lies a fascinating paradox: while diamonds are indeed the hardest mineral on Earth, their invincibility is a myth. We will delve beyond the surface to unravel the truth about the true resilience of diamonds, understanding the careful considerations that are essential for preserving these precious stones.

Unveiling Diamond Hardness

Diamonds boast a dazzling legacy as the reigning monarchs of the mineral kingdom. Their unrivaled ability to withstand immense pressure and resist scratching, owing to the arrangement of carbon atoms in a precise crystalline lattice, crowns them as the hardest natural substance known to mankind. This inherent toughness not only imparts a mesmerizing brilliance to these gems but also serves as a testament to their enduring resilience against the passage of time.

Contrary to the common perception of invincibility, diamonds do demand delicate care and attention to maintain their timeless splendor. Just like any other material, diamonds can chip and break. The incredible durability of these diamonds does not render them immune to damage, dust, oils, and residue, which can diminish their brilliance over time. Additionally, among the various cuts like princess or marquise are more susceptible to chipping due to their pointed edges. While they do exude elegance, they do demand extra caution. Thus, embracing a nurturing routine for these enduring gems becomes imperative, unveiling a facet of their charm that extends beyond mere toughness—an appreciation for the meticulous care that preserves their celestial radiance, ensuring they continue to sparkle for generations to come.

Mastering the Art of Sparkling Care

1.Initiate the care journey by preparing a mild solution of warm water and gentle dish soap. Dip your diamond jewelry into this solution to loosen up any accumulated grime or oils.

2.With a soft-bristled toothbrush or a specialized jewelry brush, delicately scrub the surface and underneath the setting of the diamond. Take care not to apply excessive pressure, especially if the diamond is mounted in a piece of jewelry to avoid dislodging it.

3.After the gentle scrubbing, rinse the diamond under running lukewarm water to remove the soap residue thoroughly. Pat the jewelry dry with a lint-free cloth, ensuring no moisture lingers, which might dull its brilliance.

4.Store your diamond pieces separately in a fabric-lined jewelry box or a pouch to prevent scratches or abrasions. Avoid tossing your jewelry together, as diamonds can scratch other gems and metals.

5.Periodically examine your diamond jewelry for any signs of damage or loose settings. If you notice anything amiss, seek professional assistance from a trusted jeweler to address the issue promptly.

6.Treat your diamond to occasional professional cleanings. Jewelers possess specialized equipment to deep-clean and restore the sparkle of your cherished pieces. At Gage, we have aftercare programs that include a professional cleaning. Outside of the aftercare programs, we do professional cleanings, but the cost varies on the style of your ring or piece of jewelry.

7.While diamonds are sturdy, avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or abrasive surfaces. Remove your diamond jewelry before engaging in vigorous activities or household chores to shield them from potential damage.

By following these meticulous yet simple steps, you can ensure that your diamonds maintain their captivating brilliance, standing as timeless testaments to enduring beauty and elegance. Check out our blog on more detailed steps in cleaning your precious pieces!

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