How to Use Your LendFirm Loan at Gage Diamonds

Apr 7th 2023

How to Use Your LendFirm Loan at Gage Diamonds

Make your dreams a reality with 100% no-credit-needed financing through LendFirm. LendFirm partners with select merchants to assist credit-stretched consumers to split purchases into simple monthly payments with an APR starting at 4.95%. Learn more about how LendFirm evaluates consumers' eligibility by assessing factors beyond the credit score. Learn more and submit your application for approval within 24 hours by visiting our financing page

Using your LendFirm loan at Gage Diamonds is effortless. Your loan approval amount, as well as the down payment amount (if applicable), and loan expiration date, are available in your account by visiting the 'LendFirm Applications' tab. 

Step 1: Shop for Your Perfect Piece(s) 

Browse our selection of products and add your item(s) to the cart. 

Step 2: Review Your Order 

Once you have completed your shopping, proceed to checkout and enter your shipping information. 

Step 3: Apply Your LendFirm Loan 

Select the option to apply your LendFirm credit to your order. 

Step 4: Add Payment Info for Down Payment (If Applicable)

If you have a down payment, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information or use your PayPal account to make the payment. 

Step 5: Place Order 

That's it! LendFirm will generate your loan documents based on your purchase, which you will be required to sign in your LendFirm portal.

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