Your Ring Doesn’t Fit! Now What?

Jun 16th 2022

Your Ring Doesn’t Fit! Now What?

You’re literally walking on sunshine because you just accepted the most beautiful engagement ring from the love of your life. Everything is practically perfect, but the ring feels slightly big on your finger. Don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world! There are several solutions, and we’re here to tell you more about them!

How Should Your Engagement Ring Fit?

But first, it’s important to know how your ring should properly fit. Here’s a good rule of thumb: The piece should slip on your finger fairly easily, and it should feel fairly snug once it’s in place. When you want to take it off, expect a bit of resistance as you start to pull. That’s completely normal!

If your ring is too tight or turns on your finger, you’ll probably need a different size. Or, if you’re simply unsure about how your ring is fitting, don’t hesitate to check with your jeweler!

*Pro Tip: In case you didn’t know, your finger size changes throughout the day. Your fingers are slimmer when you’re cold, and they expand when you’re warm. Experts recommend checking your fit at the end of the day, when your body tends to be hotter.

How to Fix a Ring That’s Too Big or Small

Get it Resized

Your jeweler is about to become your new best friend. Simply bring your sparkler back to the jewelry store, so your finger can be properly measured. You can also try measuring on your own with a paper ring sizer or piece of string, but a jeweler will provide the most accurate size.

The circumference of most rings can be re-adjusted up to 1.5 or two sizes. For example, a ring with an original size of 7 can be expanded to a size 9 or trimmed down to a size 5. How does it work? If your ring is too big, jewelers typically remove a piece of metal from the bottom or sides of the ring band and seamlessly fuse everything back together. If a ring is too small, a strip of metal is added.

Depending on the complexity of your ring, it can take about one to two weeks before you’re reunited with your prized possession. But keep in mind that certain ring styles and types of metals often can’t be resized. One example is the eternity ring. Since this style features gemstones around the entire band, jewelers would have a difficult time cutting and flawlessly reconnecting the band. Rings made of tungsten, rose gold and titanium are also problematic, as some of these metals are too brittle or crack during the process.

Now, you might be wondering how much it will cost to resize your ring. That once again depends on the design. A simpler piece could cost less than $50, but an elaborate ring could cost hundreds of dollars due to the time and work involved.

When you shop with Gage Diamonds, we offer a six-month complimentary care package, which includes free ring sizing. If you decide to adjust your ring beyond the six-month timeframe, we also offer a three-year after care plan, which costs $250 and includes free resizing.

*Pro Tip: If you have a ring that’s difficult to resize, here’s an alternative. You might consider asking your jeweler to recreate your sparkler in the correct size. Just make sure that it fits within your budget!

Choose Sizing Beads

Don’t want the hassle of cutting and reshaping your ring? Jewelers could instead add sizing beads to rings that are a bit too large. Small, metal knobs are typically placed on the inside of the band and tend to shrink the ring by roughly a quarter of a size. If your ring is turning on your finger, these beads will better hold it in place.

Buy a Ring Enhancer

If you want a better fit AND a bolder look, you can opt for a ring enhancer! This piece is an additional band that’s designed to fit close to the engagement ring. It not only holds your sparkler in place, but it also makes both bands look like one cohesive piece. And since enhancers typically include extra gemstones, they add more shimmer. You can even choose a style with a double band, meaning your ring will have support on both sides.

Opt for a Silicone Adjuster

If you’re seeking an even quicker fix, check out this silicone ring size adjuster. For rings that are too big, simply wrap a portion of the silicone coil around the bottom of your ring band and cut off any excess material. This reduces a ring’s circumference by up to two sizes and better secures that beautiful stone on your finger. Plus, it’s smooth, safe for sensitive skin and nearly invisible. Just make sure that you choose the correct coil size. Use the narrow coil for slimmer bands, and apply the thicker version for wider bands!

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