Engagement Ring Tips for Your Healthcare Hero

May 11th 2023

Engagement Ring Tips for Your Healthcare Hero

Where would we be without our healthcare workers? They were our heroes during the early, uncertain days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they’re always stepping up to make sure we stay healthy.

Do you want to pop the question to a special healthcare hero in your life? Before you start engagement ring shopping, keep their occupation in mind. Certain rings are not ideal for working with patients and medical equipment. Read our tips for choosing a ring that they can safely wear and, of course, show off at work.

What is an Engagement Ring Setting?

But first, let’s clarify an important term that you’ll likely hear as you begin the shopping experience. An engagement ring setting refers to the way that diamonds or gemstones of your choice are positioned in the ring band. Basically, it’s everything except the center stone. Different types of engagement ring settings are available — such as solitaire, halo and three-stone settings — and you’ll want to choose one that’s practical and meaningful for your partner.

Now, here are some helpful hints for choosing an appropriate setting.

Engagement Ring Tips for Healthcare Workers

Avoid stones with pointed edges: Diamonds are extremely scratch-resistant gems. But despite the common myth, they’re not indestructible. And when stones have pointed edges, they’re more susceptible to bumps and potential chips, especially for those who work with their hands! We therefore recommend round or oval-shaped gems as safer choices.

Wrap your gem in metal: If you’d prefer an added layer of protection, you can’t go wrong with a bezel setting. Unlike most rings that use prongs to hold diamonds/gemstones in place, a bezel setting uses metal to completely enclose the stones. Therefore, only the upper portion of the diamond is visible. Prong settings are popular choices among couples, as they allow more light to reflect off of gems, creating more shimmer. But bezel settings will help your stone last longer.

Choose a lower setting: It may be tempting to pick a giant diamond so your friends can ooh and ah. But a stone that sits high above your partner’s finger is more likely to get damaged. Plus, those prongs could snag material or scratch someone. As an alternate option, why not consider an eternity ring? These pieces feature side stones that wrap around the entire ring, and the stones are flush with the band. Did we mention this ring represents never-ending love?

Mix up your metal: When you think of engagement rings, you might immediately think of gold. But if you want something more durable to withstand all of the hand sanitizer and other substances your partner might use, consider platinum or even titanium. Both are great choices for sensitive skin too. However, it’s worth noting that platinum is more expensive than gold. If platinum is beyond your budget, we suggest white gold for a similar look. It tends to feature a rhodium coating, which makes it more scratch-resistant than yellow gold.

Flip the script: Who says you have to give an engagement ring? Some couples choose to exchange engagement watches, turn engagement rings into necklaces, etc. It’s a trendy move, and you can worry less about potential damage!

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